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Draper Creek Consulting
8588 Edwards Street
Mission, BC Canada
V2V 6R4
Phone: 1.604.757-1852
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BCeSIS Course Rename Bug is a flaw in BCeSIS that enables users to inadvertantly change the BCeSIS course code for any course. It has implications in ministry, district and school reporting. We have a video clip that demonstrates the problem and how to deal with it.

Mozilla Firefox 3.0 works well with BCeSIS. You can download it from http://www.mozilla.com/firefox.

Another browser that has shown it works well with BCeSIS is Opera which you can get from http://www.opera.com/

Nuance Software produces an application called PDF Convertor that will let you convert any PDF Document, including BCeSIS reports back into a fully editable Microsoft Word document or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It's not free but well worth the purchase. You can get it from http://www.nuance.com/pdfconverter/standard/ . For Mac users you can get PDF2Office which does the same thing from http://www.recosoft.com/products/pdf2office/

Cogniview PDF2XL
PDF2XL is a best of breed PDF to Excel conversion tool that convert data from tables in PDF to Excel and save up to 95% of PDF data rekeying. PDF2XL handles native PDF files as well as scanned PDFs.

BCeSIS Toolbox
SD20 developed the BCeSIS Toolbox which has a number of tools to produce reports that are unavailable in BCeSIS or improve upon those already in BCeSIS. The Toolbox is available here for trial purposes to facilitate districts testing the application prior to installing it on their own servers . This is an application developed by SD20 and is not supported in any way by Draper Creek Consulting. Using this tool necessitates uploading data to our secure server that holds this application. No data remains on the server. All data is immediately purged the moment the report appears on screen.







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